Jen Day

My teaching philosophy is to inspire, to connect and to empower. To guide you with integrity staying true to the original method.

I was originally a weaver, I designed fabrics for interiors, it took patience, persistence and a lot of looking at fine detail…and of course creativity. It may seem like a completely different path I started upon in 2001 when I took my first class, but it really isn’t.

To create a beautifully designed fabric or to practise Controlgy (Pilates) you must look at the detail. You weave  to create a strong, long-lasting beautiful piece of fabric. Studying my new craft- Contrology has been a gift. I’m often lost and found in it, I am intrigued by the human body and its potential, and I hope to inspire you too.

I am incredibly lucky to be able to teach my passion. I began my training in 2009 with Body Control Pilates. I am contemporary and classically comprehensively qualified. In 2018 I began a journey with PiStudios in Battersea, Holly Murray, my mentor and inspiration has guided me through the work taught to her by Romana and Bob Liekens.

I welcome my “Never Too Olds” the Golfers, the Cyclists, the Runners, the New Mums, the Gardeners, the Artists, the Carers, the Creaky, the Cancer Survivors, the Inquisitive, the Bereft, the Adrenaline Junkies, the Office Bound Workers and even the Exercise Shirkers. So WELCOME.

Pilates is for EVERYONE and you are welcome in my space.

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do”


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She wholeheartedly believes in Pilates, that’s why we all come. Her Knowledge, passion, commitment, perspective and love shines through everything she shares.

– Edward


Jens approach to teaching is all about the whole, the whole body, the whole essence, the whole world, it’s Love, it’s power, it’s energy, it’s community, it’s being in a group but being in the comfort of your own home if needed, it’s enjoyment, it’s enough, it’s Everything and that really comes across on screen. I can still feel a small group one to one connection online and feel the authenticity.

– Karoline


Jens teaching is compassionate and understanding to the individuals’ needs and physical ability. She has the ability to inspire excellent technique, staying true to Joseph Pilates original work. Jen creates more than just a movement experience in the studio, she brings knowledge, wisdom, philosophy and creativity with heaps of Pilates passion. Using the power of the mind body connection, she helps us achieve a deeper understanding of our bodies, whilst challenging us to do more. I feel I have improved my posture, gained body awareness, and most importantly I now have pain-free movement.

– Natalie