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Jen Day
Jen Day

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February 2021. The extreme cold snap has well and truly disappeared seemingly overnight. Today is a glorious ( dare I say it )  Spring Day. It’s been a tough, enduring time. Lockdown 3 has been the hardest so far, but we are getting through it and hopefully nearly out the other side. Still in a phase of ‘who knows’ but with a glimmer of optimism and an unmentioned solidarity of weathering this long Covid Winter. Taking each day as it comes, feeling each emotion as they arise and trying to keep a steady pace without overwhelm is the name of the game.

A story for you.

I was a weaver a craftsperson, I designed fabrics for interiors. Whilst studying at St.Martins College in London my Father made me a loom out of his mahogany desk. I love detail, construction, colour, design, alchemy, creativity and connection.

I am a Teacher, a Teacher of Contrology. I teach, I move, I paint, I write, I find flow. I’m lost and found in it all. My aim is to inspire others to explore a creative path where we connect to our bodies, our minds, our spirits and beyond. A journey of connections.

I have just finished building a home studio in my garden, 2020 was a year of adversity due to The Global Pandemic, I had to make some tough decisions to ensure I could carry on teaching my craft. It made me realise a deep rooted passion for Pilates wasn’t going to be dampened by Covid. So I found a way. I had to invest, I had to adapt, I had to surrender, I had to trust.

Back in 2008, my father gave me a platinum crucible ( he used them at work to melt metal in). I took it to Hatton Gardens and sold it. I walked round to Great Russel Street (Body Control Pilates HQ ) and paid in cash for my first ever training course in Pilates. Since then I have totally submerged my life in Contrology. I have been to movement like a magpie is to shiny things. I have worked with some inspirational teachers and students. I am an eternal student.

10 years later in 2018 I continued my education with Holly at PI Studios, London. The classical Pilates method united and cemented my passion. I have deepened my knowledge over the last 12 years and shaped a teaching career.

So here I am in my garden, one good thing to come out of 2020 was this….

Building a home studio.

Creating a space to teach Pilates takes consideration, to develop a space that is more than just a space to move, takes heart and soul. Building a studio in my garden became an extension of myself and my home. My studio reflects me and my integrity to the method, hence choosing my apparatus from Pilates Scandinavia. Apparatus that is crafted beautifully by Fredrik with heaps of Pilates passion and love. 

The apparatus is your foundation, it teaches you everything you need to know. You feel and you listen to your springs, you connect with your Apparatus, my job is to inspire in you a joy of movement and play. The apparatus is your friend 😉 Its as integral as the four walls.

The Craftsman ( Fredrik ) who works in wood and metal, he builds our foundation. The Method ( thank you Mr Joseph Pilates ) guides us, a framework to explore. The Student ( you and I )  body, mind and spirit willing, open, and inquisitive. The Teacher ( me and you ) , the creator who inspires, lifts and connects. I learn as much from my students as they learn from me.

All that I have learnt I pass on with enthusiasm, passion and joy in a space that reflects my love for colour, design, nature, creativity and more importantly allows me to connect to others. It’s personal, it’s love and is often a source of pure happiness.

This Winter has been the most inspirational winter. Mother Nature has put out some fine displays. The glorious pink sunrises that turned my bedroom a warm rose gold, albeit fleetingly. The sun melting down behind the trees, leaving a light so delicate that no colour palette could re-create. A snowy Sunday providing a welcome change to the landscape providing playtime and a respite from our four walls. Cold so extreme the roads turned really white, water pipes burst providing displays of icicles so beautifully breathtaking. I tuned into this winter deeply did you?

Waiting Patiently, can’t wait for the studio to reopen, can’t wait for Spring and can’t wait to see you again.


Love Jen xx


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